Owned by Roxana Bowman-McKinnie
Whelped 2-18-04       CERF 2008    OFA GOOD

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Jasmine 10 weeks Jasmine 7 months Jasmine 7 months Jasmine fun match 8 months
Jasmine puppy group 2 Breeders Showcase 10 months Jasmine 1st in class 11 months Jasmine 2nd in class 11 months Jasmine received a Best Bred By and a Bred By Group 4 in May 2005
Jasmine has done very well as a young show dog. At just 10 months of age she was awarded a puppy group 2 at the Eukanuba Breeders Showcase in Orlando Florida. At just 11 months of age, she placed in both sweeps and both regular classes at the Chattahoochee English Springer Specialty! We look forward to more specialty placements in the future!